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Understanding Herpes for Healthier Living

It would be essential for one to understand various illnesses for him or her to either cure or prevent them in the first place. Even before moving on to curing of genital herpes, it would be wise to make sure that you understand what it is, to begin with. It would be essential to note that herpes is mostly transmitted through sexual fluids. Among the parts of the body that tends to be affected by herpes include the cervix, the skin, and the genitals. One would also need to know that HSV tends to come with two categories which include HSVp1 and HSVp2. It would be essential to know that herpes may not be cured through medicine but that does not mean that there are no natural methods of curing the same. One would need to know that some people tend to be asymptomatic and never show any sign of herpes while others tend to have it recur especially after their first incident.

When it comes to diagnosis of herpes, there tend to be several commonly used methods to confirm the presence or the absence of herpes. One of the most commonly used tests include the PCR test which tends to detect the virus even in the asymptomatic patients. The PCR test tend to search for the virus DNA making it one of the most effective way of testing herpes. One would also need to consider cell culture as yet another test of detecting herpes. Using the culture test, a sample tends to be extracted from the sore and then placed on the microscope to check whether there is any virus. “False negative” may be the results in a case where herpes is either healing or very new in the body. In a case where the cell culture method is being used, one would need to consider taking the test for more than once.

One would need to know that there is no test which shows whether the virus is new in the body or not. The antibody test as a test for herpes tend to involve adding of fluorescent dye and HSV antibodies to the cell sample. The antibodies tend to become luminescent especially where one does not have the herpes.

One would need to know that prevention of herpes tend to be the best remedy. In a case where you are trying to avoid herpes, you would need to take the same precautions you tend to take when avoiding other STIs. You would therefore need to avoid sexual activity and contact to a single person and may need to be sure that the person in question has tested negative for STIs and herpes. In a case where one is suffering from herpes, there are chances that blisters may appear on the genitals where the blisters gradually open causing very uncomfortable sores.

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